Today, I read the first six of the 40 stories in Mitch Ditkoff’s Storytelling for the Revolution. Immediately, I felt my heart replace my mind and called out to my new wife that we had something delightful to read together in bed tonight. Big thanks to Mitch for helping me shift gears in the 80th year of my life. Anyone who can quiet themselves enough to pay attention to their own inner wisdom will find great value in this groundbreaking book.
Tim Gallwey, Author of Inner Game of Tennis and the Inner Game of Work
Storytelling for the Revolution is a rallying cry for people to recognize their deep meaningful connections with each other, reminding us that we are not alone. It is a groundbreaking work in its simplicity and profundity. The stories are far-reaching and diverse, yet reveal our deep commonalties across age, race, nationality, and religion. It’s a journey into the heart of the human soul.
An important, seminal work for our age.
Michael Frick, CEO,
Mitch’s stories have the power take us deeper into our own selves, encouraging us to pay closer attention to every aspect of our lives. Storytelling for the Revolution is an inspirational work – a book that will be here forever, changing lives, page by page.
Sharon Jeffers, Author of Love and Destiny, Discover the Secret Language of Relationships
Stories are all about gathering personal and collective experience and knowledge. They gain meaning when the storyteller communicates with verve and creativity. In Storytelling for the Revolution, Mitch Ditkoff beautifully fulfills this promise and offers precise prompts for accessing the wisdom tucked inside the tale.
David Gonzalez, Award winning storyteller, poet, and arts advocate
Mitch Ditkoff’s stories are beautiful and a huge encouragement for the rest of us to share our own stories with each other. That’s what is needed these days — the authentic sharing of what we know to be true, based on our own life experiences. Our own inner wisdom. Not fake news. Real news — the news of the heart.
Cassandra Wilson, Grammy Award Winning Jazz and Blues Singer
Storytelling, like music, is a universal language that evokes shared emotions and connects us to each other, regardless of our differences. In Mitch Ditkoff’s second book of stories, Storytelling for the Revolution, he deftly weaves tales that give vivid insight into our hearts and emotions, and help us interpret and understand our own lives in a very personal way. This book of stories, meditations of the human soul, will positively transform your life.
Geri Presti, CEO and President, The Cleveland Music Settlement
I loved this book and will be sharing it with sacred activists around the world. I especially loved the way the author made the connection between revolution and revelation. Highly enjoyable.
Kurt Krueger, President, Success Systems International
Through Mitch Ditkoff’s master storytelling we are welcomed under a big tent called humanity with stories that whisper truths, uniting and celebrating us all. Mitch’s stories inspire reflection, while the field guide provides the step-by-step guidance needed for readers to mobilize the storyteller within and lead their own personal revolution.
Doug Stuke, Director, Sales Excellence, The Hartford Insurance Group