Storytelling for the Revolution is a book about the power of personal storytelling and what it takes to be a transformational storyteller. Stories are how we make sense of our lives and communicate the essence of what we know – a kind of hieroglyphics of the soul decoded. Stories connect us to others. They connect us to ourselves. And, when told well, they transmit great insight, wisdom, and love. That's why I wrote this book. I want to provide you with all the inspiration, courage, and guidance you need to tell your stories.

Part One is a collection of 40 "moment of truth" stories from my own life and a sprinkling of others from some of the world’s most revered teaching traditions. Part Two is a Field Guide – a way for you to get your arms around the art and science of storytelling – what it is, why it matters, and how you can make your way to the front lines of your own life with all the tools you need to play your part in the rapidly emerging storytelling revolution on Planet Earth.


Greetings! Mitch Ditkoff here, award-winning writer, storyteller, innovation provocateur, and Co-Founder of Idea Champions. 

Since 1987, I have been working with a wide variety of forward thinking organizations to help them get out of the box, speak their truth, and make a difference in the world. Along the way, I’ve discovered a very fascinating phenomenon – that storytelling is the simplest and most powerful way for human beings to communicate the very best of what they know. I see myself as a kind of bridge between worlds – the so-called mundane world we inhabit on a daily basis and another, less visible, more timeless world that is home to our highest wisdom, that which makes us truly worthy of the name “homo sapiens” – the ones who know.

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Excerpts from the Book



If you are wondering why I chose to call my book: Storytelling for the Revolution-- a title some people might think is incendiary, inflated, or overly dramatic, here's the reason: We need a revolution. We do. But the revolution I'm inviting you to join is not a political one. It has nothing to do with a change of government, laws, sanctions, or social structures. It has to do with a change of mind and a change of heart and a change in the way we communicate to each other. READ MORE


Today, I was sitting in Mesa Grande, the cafe I most love to frequent in San Miguel de Allende, when I noticed an old, weathered woman entering the place. Dark-skinned, wrinkled, and small, she was moving very slowly across the room, more like shuffling than walking, stopping at each table and attempting to sell whatever it was she was carrying in her gnarled left hand. Averting my eyes, I felt myself withdrawing, not wanting to encounter yet another beggar of the day needing something else to survive, but she kept coming, pausing now and then to rest.  READ MORE


Be Here Now was the Bible of the 1960’s or, if not the Bible, then at least the Bhagavad Gita — a book that bridged the gap between East and West for an entire generation of long-haired, counter culture, God-seeking souls. And I was one of them. The author of the book, Baba Ram Dass — the ex-Harvard psychologist and popularizer of LSD — was fast becoming a new kind of spiritual rock star. He had just returned from his pilgrimage to India with a ton of love and something far better than the Holy Grail — the ability to communicate the essence of Eastern wisdom in ways even suburban hippies could understand. READ MORE


Yesterday was a very off-the-grid day for me. It began as most of my days do here in San Miguel. I slept until I wasn't tired. I meditated. Then I checked my email. Upon noticing the internet was down, I got the keys to my out-of-town neighbor's apartment, let myself in, booted up my Mac, and logged onto a webinar I very much wanted to attend. So far, so good. The sun was shining. Donald Trump was not yet President. And to my left, wrapped in silver foil, I saw something that looked like gum, so I opened it up and, seeing that it wasn't gum, but a small bar of chocolate, broke off two pieces and wolfed them down. READ MORE


Mitch Ditkoff knows that the real revolution comes from within and then extends outward to action. He writes with rare wisdom, depth, humor, and insight. Each story he shares has the capacity to inspire the rest of us to action that matters.
Gail Larsen, Author, Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story
This is a powerful and important book. When we have the courage to tell our stories, we form a bond with each other that no one can defeat or overwhelm. Mitch Ditkoff makes an indisputable case for the essential role of storytelling to create change.
Susan Page, Director, San Miguel Writers Conference and Literary Festival
What I love about Storytelling for the Revolution is the compelling way it liberates humanity’s biggest untapped resource – our collective wisdom lurking just beneath the surface of our lives.
Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 best selling author, Triggers

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